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Video-art is becoming more and more popular at the events. Nowadays.  there are no parties without video installations. The screens for broadcasting, decorations from video-panels, they’re all meant to achieve specific tasks at events. Sometimes these tasks can be reached only by video. Eventika offers LED and projection screens, projectors and big 42 inches monitor screens. If necessary, we provide equipment for video management, video director, cameramen and film-editor.

Equipment list:

HD LCD TV 42” 6 pcs
LED Screen 5,9 мм Indoor, cab dimens 640*640 24 sqm
LED Screen 4,8 мм Outdoor, cab dimens 640*640 49 sqm
Arkaos MediaMaster Pro 5 Mediaserver VideoIn: 4 x 3GHDSDI + 1xHDMI/ VideoOUT: 4x DP(FULLHD) + 2x3GHDSDI; 36 Layers/ 2x LAN 100/1000 Base; 2x 1200 Retundant Power supply
with Kling-Net protocol, CITP protocol, DMX, MIDI/TC
1 set
vMix Pro server Broadcasting server Video In: 4 x 3GHDSDI VideoOUT: 4x DP(FULLHD) + 2x3GHDSDI; 2x LAN 1000/1000 Base; 1 set
BMD ATEM TV Studio 6 in/SDI,HDMi,H.264 OUT – TV switcher-mixer 1 set
VDWALL LVP605S Video processor 2 pcs
RGBLink Venus X1 Pro 4K Video processor-switcher 2 pcs
BMD HDMI to SDI Converter 2 pcs
BMD SDI DISTRIB(1to8) Splitter SDI 1 pcs
BMD UpDownCross 1 pcs
BMD Audio to SDI 1 pcs
BMD SDI to Audio 1 pcs
BMD SDI to Analog 1 pcs
Lenkeng HDMI extender HDBit net – 100m 4 set
Lenkeng HDMI Radio extender HDBit radio – 200m 1 set
Lenkeng HDMI to SDI 4 pcs
Lenkeng HDMI matrix 4 to 2 switch 1 pcs
Lenkeng SDI SPLITTER 1 pcs
Lenkeng SDI to HDMI 2 pcs
Kramer SPLIT 1in 4 out+усилитель 1 pcs
HDMI splitter 2 pcs



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