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Light helps us achieve many tasks of the event – from creating the needed visibility on the stages to the fines psychological and physiological impact on the audience. Lighting brings out the volume and texture on the stage and in the audience, creates illusory effects of various materials, textures, changes their color to emphasize the nature of the action on the stage and creates the right atmosphere. With professional light any party, a show or a concert will look much more impressive and interesting.

equipment list:


Elation Platinum SBX SPOT/BEAM/Wash MSD 17RA; 350W Lamp; 550W – 26 pcs
Elation DARTZ360 BEAM /50W RGB LED Engine/ Precise 360° Pan/Tilt– 20 pcs
Elation Fresnel KL 8 Fresnel Lens fixture, 350W LedLamp; 5600K, 97 CRI, 11-57degr- electrical zoom – 33 pcs
Elation FUZE Wash Z350 LED wash RGBW zoom; 350W LED; 380W – 16 pcs
Martin MAC 600 Wash MSD575; 575W Lamp; 650W – 16 pcs
Dortron- 1037Z LED WASH Zoom LED wash RGBW 370W LED; 400W– 8 pcs
BEAM 5R Beam 190W Lamp; 200W– 16 pcs
HED LED bar 256/10, wall wash DMX-control LED RGB wall washing fixture; 80W LEDs; 100W– 24 pcs
Wincode Parled RGBW IP DMX-control LED RGBW fixture IP 65 144W LEDs; 165W – 44pcs
1200w Wall Washer RGBW Led City Color DMX-control LED RGBW fixture IP 65 144W LEDs; 165W – 16pcs
Showtec Q4-18 PARLED RGBW DMX-control LED RGBW fixture 144W LEDs; 165W – 72 pcs
Elation Opti Tri White II LED TV fixture 90W LEDs; 100W – 8 pcs
Elation SIXBAR 1000 DMX/Kling net-control LED RGBAWU panel; 144W LEDs; 200W – 24 pcs
Followspot LDR CANTO HMI 1200W – 2 pcs
Followspot WECAN HMI 1200W – 2 pcs
Atomic 3000 Strobo 3000 w – 6 pcs
Compact Blinder 2X Blinder Showtec 2-650W DMX – 16 pcs
FAZER Antari F-5 Haze/smoke generator XL 800W – 2 pcs
Hazer Look Solution Unique 2.1 Haze generator 1500W – 2 pcs
Antari Z-1020F Vertical smoke machine 1200W – 4 pcs
ANTARI AF-3/AF-5 DMX-control fan 120W/1200W – 2+2 pcs
Martin DMX OPTO splitter 4 4-ch DMX splitter – 4 pcs
DB-1-4 4-ch DMX splitter/booster – 8 pcs
Rosendahl MIF 4 Midi Time code Interface –2 pcs
Elation ENODE 8PRO ArtNet/DMX processor/8ch splitter – 2 pcs
Elation ENODE 4 ArtNet/DMX processor/4ch splitter – 1 pc
Martin Light Jockey 2 PC based lighting controller – 1 pc
ROAD HOG 4 Lighting console – 8 ArtNet universe/ 4 DMX universe – 1 pc

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